The Ballymoney Trail in North Wexford now links the Ballymoney beaches with those at Seafield and Kiltennel. This is a great development as you can start at the Ballymoney South Beach, walk across the headland, and come down on to the Seafield beach. Walk along there, then over a few rocks, and on again to Kiltennel.

An interesting rock formation at Seafield Beach, north Wexford.

Wexford has loads of wonderful coastal walks and this Headland Trail linking Ballymoney with these beaches to the south is just great. The walk is probably a bit far to be dragging beach stuff with you. But it’s absolutely fine for walkers. There are steps from the headland down to the beach at Seafield, so make sure all of your walkers are okay with steps.

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Seafield Beach, in north wexford

North and South

Ballymoney itself is home to two beaches – Ballymoney South at the car park, and then going north over the headland, you’ve guessed it, Ballymoney North. Most swimmers and families head to the reasonably sheltered beach at Ballymoney North, but both are equally pretty.

This new headland trail is a great addition, with Seafield beach enclosed by rocks at both ends. To access Kiltennel, you’ll need some flexibility with the rocks, or there’s also a narrow path on slightly higher ground.

Mindful moment: Listen to the waves at Ballymoney beach in the sunny South East!

As with all beaches in Wexford, the sand is to die for, the views spectacular and there’s nowhere else to be on a sunny day!

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Next stage

The good news is that there are plans for a Ballymoney to Tara Hill coastal trail. Over €14,000 was allocated to this outdoor trail in November 2019 as part of the government’s Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme. This supports the development and maintenance of outdoor amenities such as trails, walkways, cycleways and blueways.

waterfall at seafield beach

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Here’s the map!