Coolmelagh waiting to be discovered

You’ll find the Coolmelagh looped walks between Bunclody in north Wexford and Carnew in south Wicklow. You’ll also find stunning views of the Wicklow hills, which makes these Coillte and Wexford Walking Trail routes so worthwhile.

Coolmelagh looped walks

From various vantage points, you can see the surrounding countryside of Wexford, Carlow, and on up into Wicklow. You also get a great view of Mount Leinster.

Three loops

There are three loops – Prospect is 5.4km, Gibbet Hill is 10km, and Coolmelagh is longer at 13.3km. They’re easy enough to walk, a few moderate hills here and there, though it can be stony underfoot.

coolmelagh bunclody

The looped walks all lead to Gibbet Hill. Seemingly, a gibbet is an old English name for Hanging Hill, so that will give you some hint as to what went on here. As these are Coillte lands, you’re walking through forestry, but you won’t miss out on the views.

Sunset boulevard

A great spot for watching sunsets to the west, there are timber seats placed strategically along the way. And you should stop awhile, and let your gaze take in the splendour of the hills. From Carlow to the west, the lands glides into the blue haze of the Wicklow hills and on eastwards towards the Wexford countryside.

Coolmelagh mindful walking
Mindful moment: This is a great spot to catch the sun setting.

In amongst the forestry, you might spot Sika deer, Irish hare, foxes, badgers, Peregrine falcons and hen harrier ravens. We’ve spotted curious deer on the trails, who have scarpered off after giving us the once-over!

The site is also home to wind turbines, reaching up skyward higher than the trees.

Wind turbine at Coolmelagh walk, Co Wexford

This is one of the hidden gems in the area, so you’ll be able to walk in peace here. For stunning views on a clear day, it really is worth adding to your list.

At the trail head

Coolmelagh trail head
trail head at coolmelagh

4 thoughts on “Coolmelagh waiting to be discovered

  1. My family was evicted from Prospect in 1881. Thank you for showing the beauty of where they lived. And thank you again for making such good use of the land where once they lived.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Dan, I’d love to hear more about your family eviction. The Coolmelagh looped walks are so beautiful, with the Prospect Loop of special significance to you. It is lovely to think of people walking and enjoying the land on which previous generations of your family lived. And enjoying very similar views, as the surrounding landscape is not densely populated at all. ~ Deirdre

  2. Hi deirdre,
    I have many happy memories of coolmeelagh woods as a child back in the 80s to 90s, spending summer holidays in my grandparents. My grandad worked in the forestry and he would come home from work and then later in the evening he would take myself ( and my brother and possibly some cousins) up to the top of the hill to bring his horse down to the stream for a drink. I have not been up to the top of the hill for many years. It is a walk that I am so looking forward to doing again soon.

    1. Those are lovely memories, Linda. I love that walk, the views across the countryside are stunning.
      Enjoy it when you get back to Coolmelagh!

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