What about me?

My name is Deirdre and I love walking, travel, landscape photography, and mindfulness.

On the walking front, I walk most days. And, yes, I’m one of those step counters, averaging over 10,000 on a good day (in Ireland, a good day involves less rain than usual!).

On the travel front, I have visited four continents – Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. Countries visited include everywhere from Australia to America, Iceland to Italy, Singapore to Spain. I’ve explored cities such as Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Boston, Edinburgh, Florence, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Paris, Rome, Ottawa, Perth, Reykjavik, and Sydney. I love airports and their promise of new experiences at the end of the flight. No flight is too long, no distance too far.

Finally, I’m Irish. A journalist by profession. An avid reader. And frantically practising mindfulness to stay in the moment!

deirdre o'flynn, a mindful walker