Courtown Woods is a must-visit when you are visiting this seaside village in north Wexford. It dates back to pre-Famine times, and has a lovely mix of trails. Even better, there’s a whiff of garlic in late-Spring, followed by beautiful bluebells in May.

There are four short trails here, whereby you can criss-cross the woodland. The River Walk, Top Walk, Canal Walk or High Cross Walk will take you through the trees. Watch out for mixed conifers – spruce and ash – and the avenues of chestnut and lime trees.

Trees and a High Cross

Along the tree-lined avenues, you can imagine the Lords and Ladies Courtown here, away from the sunshine of the beach. They would have sought shade among the Californian redwood, swamp cypress, Japanese cedar, cedar of Lebanon, pine, yew and true cypresses planted by the fifth Earl.

The High Cross has its own trail – at 2.5 metres in height, it harks back to an early Christian church in the area.

mindful walking in courtown

Great work has been done to add these trails to the suite of walks under the Wexford Walking Trails umbrella. When you want to step out of the shade and glade here, pop across to the new Courtown-Kiltennel walking trail. At 3km, it takes you through one of Ireland’s only wooded dune systems. It weaves in and out of the trees, with tantalising glimpses of the sea.


Courtown Woods are located behind the Active Tribe public swimming pool, so you can park in the public car park there. The great thing about Courtown is the facilities: there are shops, restaurants, a café, pubs, takeaways, toilets,  and accommodation. Fish and chips from The Dinky takeaway are a rite of passage in Courtown – best eaten from the hand overlooking the sea!

mindful walking in courtown

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The view of Old Bawn beach from Cahore Cliff Walk.

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